RDM Policy

The University of Vienna recognises the importance and value of research data for high-quality research and for academic integrity. It is aware of the fact that correct and easily retrievable research data are a crucial element of a wide range of research activities. They are necessary for the validation of research processes and results and have a high potential to be used in academia and the society.

This policy for research data management aims at supporting researchers in the processing of research data in the best way possible and at reducing the risks involved in the processing of research data. This policy comes along with this website, including definitions of terms and FAQ.

You can download the RDM Policy of the University of Vienna here.



1. Preamble
2. Scope
3. Rights of Use
4. Handling Research Data
5. Responsibilities, Rights and Duties
6. Validity

FAQ about the policy

Here, you can find the definitions of terms and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the research data management policy of the University of Vienna. The definitions of terms explain the essential concepts used in the policy, the FAQ contain comments and examples for its implementation in research practice. They also address the differences between disciplines, where applicable. For enquiries, suggestions for additional content and corrections, please contact rdm@univie.ac.at.

You can download the FAQ about the Policy here.


1. Does research data have to be archived?
2. Who decides on access to archived research data?
3. How can I make sure that my data are citable?
4. Who is entitled to use research data? How are ownership rights and rights of use regulated in employment contracts?
5. What should be considered when drawing up a contract for third-party data use?
6. What is the recommended type of licence if funders ask for a ‘free licence’ or open access? What type offers broad reuse options?
7. Which guidelines are there on research integrity?
8. How long do research data have to be retained?
9. Are there deletion or retention periods for research data?
10. May I stipulate an embargo period?
11. How can I find a suitable repository?
12. Should I make research data available in a University of Vienna repository if that data are already accessible through another repository?
13. Are data automatically deleted from the repository when the 10-year retention period expires?
14. Can I make sure that research data are not passed on without my consent?
15. Can I use a repository to archive interim results or to share data within a research group?