Publications, Posters, and Talks

We've learned a lot about what it means to be a data steward and the lessons just keep coming! We try to share our findings with the broader research data management community whenever possible in the form of talks, posters, and publications. You can find a few of them below, and if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or write us an email. We'd love to talk to you!


  • Monika Bargmann, Emily J. Kate, Michael Feichtinger, and Tereza Kalová (November 2023). A Tale of Three Data Stewards-Lessons Learned by the Cross Disciplinary Data Stewardship Team at UniVie. Talk presented at PHAIDRAcon 2023, Vienna. PID
  • Emily J. Kate, Monika Bargmann, Michael Feichtinger, and Tereza Kalová (October 2023). Data Stewardship across the Discipline Divide: Lessons Learned by the Embedded Data Stewards at the University of Vienna during their First Year of Work. Poster presented at SciDataCon 2023 + International Data Week, Salzburg.
  • Tereza Kalová, Monika Bargmann, Michael Feichtinger, and Emily J. Kate (October 2023). Get in Losers. We're Going to Teach RDM. Talk presented at SciDataCon 2023 + International Data Week, Salzburg.

  • Tereza Kalová (July 2023). Teaching Data Stewardship: Insights from the Certificate Course "Data Steward". Talk presented at LIBER Annual Conference 2023 and received the LIBER Award for Library Innovation, Budapest. DOI
  • Jens Dierkes, Tereza Kalová, Birte Lindstädt and Yvana Glasenapp (July 2023). Managing the Data Landscape: A Case for Data Stewardship. Workshop conducted at the Open Science Festival 2023, Cologne.
  • Monika Bargmann (June 2023) Pioneering Data Stewardship in the Humanities: One Year of Experience at the University of Vienna. Poster presented at DARIAH Annual Event, Budapest. DOI
  • Emily J. Kate, Michael Feichtinger, Monika Bargmann. (May 2023) Data Stewardship in Austria: Models, Education, Tasks, and Experiences. Talk presented at the Portuguese RDM Forum, Online.
  • Monika Bargmann (May 2023) I'm FAIR and I CARE: on being a data steward:ess in the humanities. Talk at the Lecture Series "Introduction to Digital Humanities", Vienna.
  • Tereza Kalová and Monika Bargmann (May 2023) Zertifikatskurs "Data Steward" an der Universitätsbibliothek Wien: Erfahrungen mit der ersten Durchführung. Talk presented at the Österreichischer Bibliothekskongress, Innsbruck.
  • Michael Feichtinger (May 2023) Understanding Research Data Management and the key principles of FAIR data and Open Science. Workshop presented as part of the TwinSubDyn Webinar series at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia and Online.
  • Tereza Kalová, Monika Bargmann (April 2023) Developing the Certificate Course Data Steward at the University of Vienna. OpenAIRE Coffee Lecture, Online. DOI
  • Tereza Kalová (March 2023) Data Stewardship in Austria. Talk presented at the RDA Plenary, Gothenburg.
  • Tereza Kalová, Michael Feichtinger and Monika Bargmann (February 2023) Love Your Data (Steward*): Research Data Management Support at the University of Vienna. Coffee Lecture at University of Vienna, Online. DOI. Recording available on YouTube


  • Monika Bargmann and Hannes Rieder (June 2022) Aus der Praxis: Datenmanagement an der ZAMG. Talk presented at Webinar Series "Forschungsdatenmanagement in Österreich", Online.
  • Tereza Kalová (2021) Creating Needs-Based Metadata and Research Data Management Services: Exploring the Requirements of Scientists. In: Young Information Scientist. DOI:  A qualitative study analyzing semi-structured interviews with scientists from the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna on the ways they handle their research data. The paper also discusses the scientists’ needs regarding research support services. The interviews were conducted in April-May 2019 as part of the project e-Infrastructures Austria Plus.
  • Tereza Kalová (2020) Forschende und ihre Daten: Befragung an der Universität Wien. DOI: A report on the results of a quantitative survey with researchers from the University of Vienna on the topic of research data management. The data in this report were collected as part of an Austria-wide study “Researchers and Their Data” (Bauer et al., 2015) which was conducted as part of the e-Infrastructures Austria project.