Data Stewards at the University of Vienna

Hello there! If you're looking for the University of Vienna Data Stewards, you've come to the right place. In addition to our awesome general Research Data Management team, univie employs three full-time data stewards and a data steward coordinator. The data stewards are embedded within their respective faculties or research centers and work to meet the diverse needs of employees and students. We help streamline data collection and storage pipelines, provide formal RDM training opportunities, answer questions, assist with data management plans, and facilitate communication throughout univie’s expansive infrastructure.  To find out more about each of the data stewards and the coordinator, check out our Meet the Data Stewards page. If you want to find out more about becoming a data steward, or if you have questions about univie's Data Steward Course, you can saunter over to the Becoming a Data Steward page. Finally, you can find a list of our univie training dates here!

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Find our Data Stewards in the Wild 

There's nothing more exciting than seeing data stewards in the wild. Obviously, we spend a lot of time with our respective faculties, but we also travel quite a bit too. If you want to meet with us somewhere other than univie, here's where you can find us in the coming months. Schedule permitting, we'd love to come visit you too! Of course, you're always welcome in Vienna. We think the city and the university are delightful places to spend an afternoon!

1st National Event of The Project "SPOZNAJ"

From October 4-6, Tereza will be in Ljubljana, Slovenia for the 1st national event of the the project "SPOZNAJ - Supporting the implementation of Open Science principles in Slovenia". Come see her talk on data stewardship at Austrian universities!

UB Festival at Campus

On October 17, Monika represents the Data Steward Programme at the info event within the one-week Festival of all the Libraries at Campus.

International Data Week + SciDataCon 2023: A Festival of Data

From October 23-26, Tereza, Michael, Monika, and Emily will be in Salzburg, Austria for International Data Week + SciDataCon. Come see our talk or our poster!

National and International Involvement