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Services and Consulting

We offer various research data management services and consulting options. If you are looking for help with you data management plan or have questions about university services and infrastructure, you've come to the right place! We can also help you get-in with contact specialists who can answer your legal and ethics focused questions too. 

We also have a diverse research data management training schedule and can work with you to create customizable workshops for your research group, department, or organizational unit. How exciting! If you need something different, just send us an email at We would love to help! 

Data Management Plans

Data Management Plan Consulting

Do you need assistance preparing your DMP? We are happy to help. You can find DMP focused courses below and we have some information about DMPs here. Additionally, we provide individual advice on your DMP. Contact us via our central service desk at

Current Training Schedule and Registration

Sign-Up for an Existing Research Data Management Course

Did you know that the research data management team offers a wide range of workshops designed to answer your most critical questions? We discuss how to better manage your data, write a data management plan, use PHAIDRA, the repository of the University of Vienna, and much more! You can view our current workshop catalog here and follow the links to register. 

Custom Workshops

Create a Tailored Workshop

Did you know that the Research Data Management Team offers custom training options for your research group, department, or other operational unit? We can develop a personalized workshop built to meet your needs. Just follow this link, consider the three simple questions on the webpage, and send us an email at

PHAIDRA: The Repository of the Univerity of Vienna

PHAIDRA: The Institutional Repository of the Univeristy of Vienna

PHAIDRA is the repository for long-term storage of digital holdings at the University of Vienna. With PHAIDRA, you can make your research data from any discipline available according to the FAIR principles in the long term. You can also assign a license and comprehensive descriptions to your data. Depending on your needs, you can open or individually restrict access to your data. We give individual advice on research data management.

PHAIDRA Consulting

Do you need assistance archiving your data in PHAIDRA? For any questions about the institutional repository of the University of Vienna, please contact or visit our website.


You can explore the PHAIDRA interface using the sandbox. The sandbox can be found here. Just remember to login to access the features. If you are not on the unviersity network, you will need to use the univie VPN

DOI Service

DOI Service

A DOI facilitates the citability and findability of your work. Once a DOI is assigned to an output it remains permanently connected to it. The DOI service offers several options for assigning DOIs to your research outputs. 

Ethics and Legal Services

Data Protection and Ethics

If you have any questions regarding data protection regulations or sensitive data, you can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of the University of Vienna. If an ethics vote is required for your project, an application can be made to the Ethics Committee.

Legal Helpdesk

If you have a legal question related to your research, contact our legal helpdesk at They provide advice and answers to general questions. They also help find answers to more complex problems. If you have a legal question, this a great place to start! 

Exploitation and Commercial Valorisation

The Research Services and Career Development unit is here to support you during the planning of projects using third-party funds and during contract drafting and review for third-party funded projects and commissioned research. They also advise on issues related to knowledge exchange with businesses and society and offer support related to intellectual property issues, patentability, and commercial evaluation and licensing of viable research results.  


Storing Your Data

You can learn more about ZID supported data storage solutions here

Websites and Servers

Infromation about univie support for websites and servers can be found here


Information about the Vienna Scientific Cluster can be found here

Repositories and Services for Social Scientists

AUSSDA: The Austrian Social Science Data Archive

AUSSDA - The Austrian Social Science Data Archive is a certified research infrastructure for the social sciences community. We offer sustainable and user-friendly services in the field of digital archiving. We support you in making your research data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) and give advice on research data management in the social sciences.

RDM Consulting for Social Scientists

For questions about research data management in the social sciences, contact  AUSSDA. They can give advice on data management and provide information about data archiving and data preparation.

AMDC: The Austrian Micro Data Center

Scientists from Austrian research institutions can apply for access to microdata from Statistics Austria. The contact point is the Austrian Micro Data Center (AMDC). For more information on the procedure, please click here.